You can send your child to 4 year old kindergarten in 2018 if they turn 4 by 30 April 2018. If they turn 4 after this time, they will be able to attend in 2019.

Applications for your child to attend Moreland Primary School Kindergarten are made via the Moreland City Council Central Enrolment Scheme.

When completing your application please ensure:-
– your Childs name on the form is the same as on their birth certificate or passport;
– if your Child lives with two parents and/or legal guardians, they must both complete and sign the form;
– if there is a court order or parental order in place in relation to the Child’s custody, you will need to provide a copy. If you are the child’s legal guardian but not a parent, please provide supporting documents.

Once your application is completed by you online, Council will send you an acknowledgement letter within four weeks after your application is received unless otherwise requested, this will only be sent to parent/guardian one as listed on the form.  If you do not receive the letter within four weeks, please phone Council on 9240 2271.

If you would like to apply, please follow this link Apply for 4 year old kindergarten