Moreland Kindergarten Philosophy

We believe that children are dignified and they have the right to equal opportunity to learn and grow at an optimal level. At Moreland Kindergarten we value:


Each child is acknowledged as competent, capable and an active learner. All children, regardless of background, age, gender or ability, are supported to fully participate as valued members of the group. Each child’s uniqueness is acknowledged and supported for learning.


We provide a welcoming environment where families are respected and encouraged to participate in & contribute to their child’s learning and this fosters a sense of belonging for all. Through open communication, we can support each child’s individual learning.


We provide a nurturing, safe, happy and stimulating environment that encourages the children to actively explore their world. The environment is also inclusive and promotes independence. We also value sustainable practices to encourage children to have lifelong values & skills towards caring for and showing respect for the environment.


We believe that when children feel accepted, they develop a sense of belonging, develop attachments, and trust those who care for them. When children feel safe, secure and supported they grow in confidence to explore and learn. Our inclusive program is delivered in accordance with the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia. We value the expertise and experiences of our dedicated team of educators.

Educational Program:

Our program is based on a play-based approach which is the child’s most effective way of learning. It aims to provide opportunities for children to develop at an individual rate through a variety of open-ended, structured and unstructured activities, integrating both indoor and outdoor play.


Our kindergarten endeavours to build relationships and engage with the local Community. Our children have opportunities to learn about and contribute to the community in which our service is located.

Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures:

We value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures & raise awareness about their traditions and cultures. As we acknowledge and respect the traditional owners of the land and local elders.