School Integration & Social Equality

School Integration

Children at Moreland Kindergarten see the Foundation class at Moreland Primary School as an extension to their Kindergartenclassroom.  By the time they reach Foundation year they will already be familiar with the school environment which will ease their transition into their first year of school.

They have the opportunity to form relationships with school staff and students at all levels within the school environment.  In particular their relationship with Junior School teachers are developed with a Foundation teacher regularly attending Kindergarten sessions.

These interactions with the broader school community also help build children’s development of their sense of community and belonging in their expanding world.

Encourage social equality.

Children are encouraged to respect gender, background, religion and learn from our differences.

At Moreland Kindergarten we believe that all class members be given the chance to learn and succeed no matter their gender, religion or background. We do this by challenging traditional stereotypes and creating equal opportunities for the children.

By fostering an inclusive classroom environment, children of all backgrounds can feel welcome and respected.